Microsoft predicts a future of giant displays and thin bendable tablets

Microsoft has big visions for the future. If you've followed any of their previous videos, you'll know they mostly surround big screens a bendy tablets. Well in what is their "productivity future vision," the software developer has looked five-10 years in the future to a world of holograms, super thin tablets and 3D printers.

According to Redmond, the next decade will be full of swiping content between devices and tablets that are shaped like books... I want one right now. This foldable tablet display comes with a stylus, and can be opened up to a bigger screen. 

They even have a crack at the future of smart watches. Formed out of two bands connected by magnets, this (also) bendable display plays the role as a giant 55-inch display/tablet hybrid. Combined with wall-mounted tablets in schools, offices and a projection onto glass, expect to touch a lot of stuff in the future.

Count us as excited.

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