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MIT Invents Shapeshifting Display. Reach Through And Touch Someone

MIT has invented and shown off a "Dynamic Shape Display," which looks prime to be the next step of a touch interface by allowing you to reach out and touch someone (or something). Called inFORM, this display can physically change shape to render 3D content, such as someone reaching through a screen, through the use of a large surface that sits on a series of pins, actuators and linkages.

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#NRMPresents 'The True-View.' 3D Photos & Video On Your 2D Smartphone

The classic View-Master is dragged into the 21st century with 'The True-View.' The 3D smartphone fad died a couple years ago, so what if you want the best of both worlds? That is where this pretty beautifully designed device comes in, allowing you to take 3D photos and videos on your 2D phone.

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