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Light-Based Neural Network Could Be The Future Of Super-Fast AI Brains

While we can create computers that behave like brains, conventional circuitry means they will never perform as quickly as the sophisticated human neural network. 

But Princeton researchers may have just solved this future and paved the future for this big area of research - creating the world’s first Light-based Neural Network.

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Doctors Soundly Thrashed At Their Own Jobs By A Bit Of Software

The medical profession is a beautiful thing. Medical professionals on the other hand are as fallible, nasty and downright pathetic as any other human being can be, and don’t let them pretend otherwise. On a related note, a machine learning algorithm developed by researchers at Stanford University has absolutely thrashed epidemiologists when it comes to diagnosing cancer.

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Creepy Tinder Match Can’t Get The Hint? Stave Them Off With Burner’s Ghostbot

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of annoyingly harassing texts, chances are you are used to blocking phone numbers or have a script full of noncommittal responses. But what if you really can’t be bothered to deal with that anymore? Burner is here to help with Ghostbot - a bot that will blow off any creepers for you.

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Scientists Have Invented A Machine That Can Read Your Mind… Sort Of

The human brain has eluded scientists in terms of how it actually works. Granted, we’ve got a general idea thanks to MRI machines, but a study led by the University of Oregon has got us even closer to the truth by using AI to read a person’s mind… sort of.

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Google and Oxford University Are Developing a "Kill-Switch" for Unruly AI

If you’re a person, the chances are that every time you hear a story about AI you think “but what about Terminator”. Turns out, the scientists are right there with you. DeepMind, the AI division of Google has teamed up with Oxford University to develop a “kill switch” for AI, should it become unruly in the future.

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