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Valve Working On 'Wearable Computing', Not A Console In Sight

Trying to sift fiction from fact is a job that becomes an almost daily ritual when reporting within the tech world. Speculation will start off relatively slow-burning, hit a crescendo of wild rumours and obvious fabrications at its height, and begin to tail off, just as the cycle starts once again. But game company Valve has chosen to put an end to the fervent rumours circulating all over the net about what many deemed to be its own home console – rivalling the next-gen Xbox, PlayStation and the Wii U – and capitalising on its grasp on the digital market with Steam, with a piece of hardware that can only be described as a 'wearable computer'.

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Google’s AR ‘Smart Glasses’ To Be Released By 2013

Reporting on technology and science news daily doesn’t come without its own fair share of truly astounding things to deliver to you all from time to time. But even by those standards, the news that Google is planning to launch a pair of “smart glasses” (appropriately named the ‘Google Goggles’ for the time being) by the end of the year is quite remarkable.

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