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The Infinite Jukebox: Your Favourite Song Mixed To Last Forever

Let's be honest, we call our music tastes "diverse;" but there is always that one favourite song that deserves multiple uses of that Repeat button.  The Infinite Jukebox takes this concept in a new, algorythmic direction, remixing said song to continue playing forever.

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The Crime-Predicting Software Effective In Reducing LA Crime

Though it’s not yet quite up to snuff in predicting how actual crimes will take place and who will commit said act à la Minority Report (there’s that reference again), the Los Angeles Police Department has announced its high-tech algorithms used to predict and prevent future crimes has already had a significant impact in reducing certain criminal activity in areas covered by the prophetic computer system.

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All about the new

So if you've been on Twitter over the past 12 hours, you'll have noticed that things look a little different to say the least.  The social microblogging service received a major upgrade, packing new functions and an all new design, forming the most significant update of Twitter yet.  Here's what has changed both on the face of it and under the hood.

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