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Pokémon Gone - Niantic's Explosive App Predated By Over 2 Years

As you may or may not have heard, some app company called Niantic made this app called Pokémon Go which has gained some popularity as of late. It’s a pretty standard app as they go, in that it’s terrible but still rakes in literal millions per day, and that its design was predated by some randomers years ago, who can now only watch through tear-stained eyes as the money flows right by them.

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So 'Peach' Is Dead. What Did We Learn In It's Short Lifespan?

The original vision for this story was going to be a "how to" guide for getting started on Peach. But at No. 45 on the social networking app store chart in the UK, and out of the top 100 in America, this fad died just as quick as it arrived. Going the way of Meerkat and Path, is there something we can learn from the short-lived experience?

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