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Why The Smaller iPad Was A No-Show

Apple's 'New iPad' launch event largely went as rumors predicted, with one glaring exception. The smaller iPad anticipated by many, including the normally rock solid Wall Street Journal, was missing in action. So what happened? There's been too much buzz around a lilliputian iPad for too long to presume Apple has not at least thought about it.  


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Water In The Desert - Why Apple Didn't Launch Siri For The iPad

One of the features not brought to the iPad was, somewhat surprisingly, Siri.  Instead, Apple announced a dictation option for translating your words to text.  Apple ordinarily does an excellent job of adapting features of one product line for another; and at first glance Siri would appear to be an excellent fit for their tablets. But a close look at how Apple has presented Siri to the public shows why it could not have been brought to the iPad in a way that preserves it’s concise, understandable messaging.

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