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Own The Whole Of Youtube On DVD

Youtube has become one of the primary spaces on the internet for anything on the wide ranging spectrum from visual education to procrastination.  The service has it all, except for an offline counterpart when, God forbid, your internet connection goes down.  Well fear no more kind sir/madam, as on April 1st Youtube has officially announced The Youtube Collection.

Simple. Economical. Convenient.  A whole new way to enjoy the videos you love.

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Virgin Set For The Centre Of The Earth. Time Travel A Possibility?

Being well on the way to conquering commercial flights to space, but having lost the race to the bottom of the ocean – Titanic director James Cameron this week made history as by completing the first solo trip by submarine to the deepest point of the ocean – Richard Branson's Virgin is now looking to conquer something else entirely: the very core of the earth.

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