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This Art Exhibit Turns Tweets Into A Beautiful Sphere Of Emotion

With 350,000 tweets sent every minute, it's impossible to keep track of all the emotions every Twitter user conveys. The Fuse Studio want to change that with an art installation named "Amygdala," which crunches up to 30 tweets per second and visually translates each into one of six emotions: Happiness, anger, sadness, disgust, amazement or fear.

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Artist puts poop emoji on a selfie stick to show we are mortal and self obsessed

Selfie sticks are here to stay, no matter how much we hate them. It's a sad truth we have to face, but artist Pablo Garcia has found a way to "reduce vainglory and self-importance" by sticking emojis to the end of them. Now your selfies can be accompanied with a smiley piece of poop, a perfect commentary to self-obsession.

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