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The Twisted History Of VR Starts In The 1860s

When photography was invented in the early 1800s, it wasn’t long before people realised that you could develop a 3D image if you overlaid the same image at a slightly different angle. This gave birth to Victorian Stereoscopes, which was the first step the human race took towards 3D pictures, movies and Virtual Reality.

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3D Artists use Unreal 4 to make mind-blowing recreations of Silent Hill and Bloodborne

James Brady of The Creative Assembly (makers of the excellent Alien: Isolation) has shown off his artistic talents by remaking the classic Midwich Elementary School from Silent Hill in Unreal Engine 4. Clearly a common trend among artists, EA DICE's Simon Barle has used the engine to remake Hunter's Dream from Bloodborne.

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Guns Transformed Into Musical Instruments


Artist Pedro Reyes has used a large cache of weapons to build a selection of musical instruments. Called Imagine, this project was made using confiscated guns, which were publicly destroyed by the Mexican Government as an anti-violence statement.  To further communicate this message, Reyes has turned to the world of musical instruments and Rage Against The Machine.

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