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Planet X Killed the Dinosaurs, And It Would Do It Again

A few months ago, the mysterious Planet X aka Planet 9 was discovered. Despite that, it has yet to capture our hearts like its plucky predecessor, Pluto did. And now it seems unlikely it ever will. There is evidence to suggest that Planet X killed the dinosaurs, and one day it may well kill us too.

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Global Mission To Destroy Space Debris Under Way. Nets, Harpoons And Lasers Could Be Used

With approximately 27,000 pieces of space debris orbiting the Earth, the European Space Agency has declared an urgency to take them out and protect our planet and crucial communications satellites.  How do they plan to do this?  Weapons of choice vary from nets and harpoons, to suicide robots.

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Astronomers Trace Origin Of Russian Meteor

A team of astronomers have tracked down the origin of a meteor that hit Russia, injuring about 1,000 people earlier this month.

Using the thounsands of videos footage posted online, chronicling the strike, the team plotted the meteor's trajectory through the Earth's atmosphere, reconstructing it's orbit around the Sun and tracing it to a source of origin.  

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Asteroid-Miners Planetary Resources To Catch A Ride With Virgin Galactic

Though its best known for pushing ahead with plans to take paying customers into space, kick-starting widespread space tourism, Richard Branson this week announced at the Farnborough International Airshow that the company is still firmly behind its small satellite launch system. And the billionaire-backed asteroid-mining company Planetary Resources might well be one of its earliest adopters...

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