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The Vinyl Deception: Records Are Not As Big As You Think

Vinyl has risen from the dead over the last nine years, under the guise of superior audio quality and the full package of liner notes. This trend has led to the likes of Sony and Panasonic introducing record players recently.

Wired magazine has even gone on to write about how vinyl records won CES 2016 and while this is true, I believe we're giving records a lot more credit than they're due.

The reason: they are never played.

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Dolby Promises “Powerful New Listening Experience” With 'Atmos', To Debut With Pixar's Brave

You can have your high-definition projector, 5.1 surround sound Blu Ray player set-ups and a smorgasbord of discs to enjoy in your own home, but for the greatest movie-going experience, nothing quite matches the local multiplex. Now, Dolby is all set to roll-out its brand-new sound system ‘Atmos’ in cinemas, beginning with Disney Pixar’s Brave, that provides cinema-goers with a sound unequalled by the standard surround sound set-up; not least through its use of speakers in the ceiling.

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Researchers Create Universal Earphones That Can Tell Which Ear They Are In

Japanese researchers have developed a set of prototype headphones that use proximity sensors to detect the left and right ear, eliminating the need for user differentiation between earbuds, along with some other pretty nifty uses for the technology.

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