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New Rising Media will be at the Wearable Technology Show

Wearables are quickly becoming a technological and cultural norm, which alongside the rise in augmented reality makes 2015 an exciting year for new innovations. With this in mind, I'm proud to say the New Rising Media team will be at this year's Wearable Technology Show and Augmented Reality Show to cover it all for the first time.

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'Sight:' The Dystopian Future Of Wearable Computing

Wearable computing is close to part of the technological mainstream.  Google are just two years off releasing Glass, and Apple have begun filing patents to ensure yet another campaign in the courts throughout the life of augmented reality.  But what is the future of this emerging technology?

The answer could be rather dystopian, as a short film produced by a group of Israeli shows.

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EyePhone: Apple Is Latest To File 'Wearable Computer' Patent

The filing of a patent is far from a sure-fire marker to signal what it is a company is developing behind closed doors. Literally, hundreds of thousands of patents are filed every single year, and the very largest technology companies are responsible for a good grand of them just by themselves. Still, some patents just simply can not be ignored, such is the one granted to Apple Inc. today, entitled “Peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays.”

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Google Reveals 'Project Glass' Augmented Reality Specs

Google have officially lifted the veil on their rather science fiction-styled Augmented reality eyewear, going by the name of 'Project Glass.'

The company's research division has created a Google+ page for the project, allowing to give updates on the progress of development.  While it has been said we could see these by year's end, even The New York Times said we could be seeing them this year for the average price of a smartphone, we wouldn't hold our breath for a release until at least 2013.

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Google’s AR ‘Smart Glasses’ To Be Released By 2013

Reporting on technology and science news daily doesn’t come without its own fair share of truly astounding things to deliver to you all from time to time. But even by those standards, the news that Google is planning to launch a pair of “smart glasses” (appropriately named the ‘Google Goggles’ for the time being) by the end of the year is quite remarkable.

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Bionic contact lenses to give us augmented reality eyeballs

Get pumped, tests are beginning to give us awesome Terminator-vision augmented reality vision.  This new generation of contact lenses is a step closer after successful animal trials.

Scientists at Washington University conducted studies into the area via lenses with a single LED installed being trialed on rabbits.

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