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An Open Letter To The Home Secretary – Orwellian Surveillance Is Not The Correct Response To The Westminster Attack

I get it. We’re all scared in the wake of the tragedy in Westminster last Wednesday. Khalid Masood’s actions in committing this atrocity are truly reprehensible. But digital communication is not at fault, and adding an Orwellian level of surveillance is not the answer.

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BBC Celebrates 90 Years Of Innovation By Asking 'Where Next?'

The BBC has become iconic in British culture and worldwide media.  To celebrate over 90 years of innovation, they have launched a new campaign telling the story of broadcasting, engineering and technological progress since 1922.

The 60-second launch film shows a timeline throughout the Beeb's broadcasting history, using archive footage of highlight significant milestones and moments in television.  Combine this with a mixture of animation techniques and an original musical composition formed from non-instrumental sounds, including finger-tapping, footsteps, heavy-breathing & singing, and you have something that sums up the corporation rather nicely.

"The BBC is innovating for everyone and we hope this powerful untold story will capture the imagination of audiences and make them wonder…'where next?'"  Philip Almond, Director of Marketing and Audiences said.

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Lord McAlpine, You Cannot Sue Every Twitter User

Can you imagine what it must feel like to be publically branded a pedophile? That's exactly what happened to the former Tory party grandee Lord McAlpine. Is it any wonder he wanted to clear his name. In the past, if your reputation was injured the law gave you the chance to sue for slander,or in this case libel. The problem is, how can you sue tens of thousands of people who use Twitter? Obviously you can't, and that's where the problem lies.

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The Value Of A 'Like.' An Experiment In Buying Fans

There's a rule in social media marketing that many stick to: your fans should be earned, not bought. It's a guideline that's become abundantly clear over the past year, with an explosion of controversy recently from an experiment conducted by the BBC in this area. But is this really the case?

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Lost For 25 Years, Indian Man Finds His Mother Using Google Earth

In 1986, a young Indian boy by the name of Saroo Brierly was working as a sweeper on India's trains. On one fateful night, he'd make a mistake that would go on to determine not only the rest of his childhood, but a substantial portion of his life. It was a sequence of ill-fortuned events that led the then five-year old Saroo over 1,000km from home and his family, to the impoverished slums and crowded streets of Calcutta. It took him 25 years and the help of Google's virtual globe to find his way back home...

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BBC Tracks Down An Internet Troll

Trolling.  We're all victims (and some of us perpetrators) of such internet activity.  And while there is a wide variation of severity on the scale of what would be considered to be trolling, it became part of the discourse in yesterday's campaign against cyber-bullying, titled 'Safer Internet Day.'  This expanded to an episode of Panorama, which managed to trace the location of infamous troll Nimrod Severn, and track the real man down for an 'ambush' interview.

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Google denies reports that Google+ is dying

Reports of Google+'s death were greatly exaggerated according to Google, claiming to the BBC they they're just getting started

This comes in response to a Forbes article "A Eulogy for Google Plus", a piece in Slate: "Google+ is dead," and the general opinion circulating that seems to be we got a Google+ account; but don't really use it anymore.

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Pete Townshend complains about music downloading

He didn't have a problem with child pornography; but with the amount he's paid for downloads?  Thats where The Who's own Pete Townshend draws the line in the metaphorical sand.

Speaking at a music industry event last night, Townshend started to make a statement about Apple for their percentage share of income to artist, labelling the boys in Cupertino as a “digital vampire” and said if they do ”even one of the things on my wish-list [my inner artist] will offer to cut off his own balls.”

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