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EA Face Law Suit For Battlefield 1943 Omission. Should Warner Bros. Face Similar Treatment?

Today, a class action lawsuit was filed against EA by US law firm Edelson McGuire over its promise to consumers that Battlefield 1943 – EA DICE’s online multiplayer shooter – could be redeemed when purchasing Battlefield 3 on the PS3.

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Got Battlefield 3? Got a 4GB Xbox 360 slim? Prepare for old-school textures...maybe

Our review of Battlefield 3 will be going up tonight; but we've found something of particular interest that (if it's not just an isolated incident to us, and we hope for you guys it is) seems to be a real slap in the face to those who got the 4GB version of the new Xbox 360.

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Editorial: Shut up Michael Pachter. Nobody cares and you're wrong anyway.

For those uninitiated, Michael Pachter is a high profile gaming research analyst who provides opinions and predictions as to how the video game market will metaphorically swell and fade.

I have nothing against the man himself, I think his Twitter argument with Jamie Kennedy was hilarious. There is, however, one issue.  Built upon the foundations of a business M.B.A and years of credibility gaining with Forbes, what you find is someone who has managed to make a worthwhile living through either stating the obvious or being wrong.

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The Gadget Show shoots back at FPS players with simulator

Everybody's looking for more realism nowadays in their video games, and this is done primarily through simulators.  Since we've grown tired of racing simulators, The Gadget Show are looking beyond the traditional bunch of branded peripherals and teabaggings of the FPS genre to bring you the simulator you've been waiting for.


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