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Skyrim Running 100 Mods At One Time Looks Phenomenal

Bethesda’s Skyrim, released just last year, is far from a bad-looking game any which way you look at it, but even so the standard version of the game can not come anywhere close to the kind of visual fidelity arising from installing some of the more graphically-intense mods around. Taking it one step further, a gamer going by the name of ‘Unreal’ has posted some of the most absurdly-detailed, gloriously picturesque screenshots we’ve ever seen of the game, the result of hand-picking over 100 different mods from a list of over 800 he has installed on his PC rig.

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Skyrim's 'Creation Engine' Powering Fan-Made Remake Of Morrowind

HD makeovers and long-overdue remakes of classic titles are two of the most notable trends in gaming at the moment. Rewarding fans of the original with that warm feeling of nostalgia while also inviting new players to experience the game in a new light, we’ve seen everything from HD ports of the Metal Gear Solid series to an impressive fan-made remake of Half Life with ‘Black Mesa’ in the past few months alone.

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