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Socl: Microsoft's secret social network goes live, then disappears again

Microsoft let the social cat out of the bag tonight, publishing to the web temporarily, then removing it promptly with this spash-screen.  A creation of the FUSE research group, we managed to take a short look around, and managed to find a few key pointers to the service.

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MC Hammer launching his own search engine.


Don't type Hammertime into it, you could break the internet.  News emerged at this week's Web 2.0 Summit that the rapper is crafting his own search engine.

Called Wiredoo, Hammer (Stanley Kirk Burrell) says his search engine "will not attempt to compete with mainstream browsers like Google or Bing" (even though people can't touch him, he isn't ready to take on that kind of a challenge).  The differentiator is the service will "add keyword relationship information to search results."

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