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Bioshock Infinite Review

Bioshock Infinite has entered a world of extremely high expectations. 

Over the course of six years the first person shooter has grown stale, and Irrational Games are being looked to as the saviors, with a hope of reinvigorating the entire genre just like they did with the original Bioshock in 2007.

Developer ambitions and public aspirations, much like the in-game city of Columbia, are sky high.  This amount of hype would ultimately lead to disappointment, as expectations would transcend any ordinary game.

But this is no ordinary game.

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Art Deco Aerodyne PC takes us to the 1930s

As Andrew Ryan would ask, is a man not entitle to the sweat of hiw brow?  No, says those with a small fortune, as designer Jeffrey Stephenson is selling a small run of this downright beautiful art-deco case mod.

Crafted out of mahogany with aluminium accents, this makes the Steampunk era of last year look downright crass.  Each side invokes a completely unique visual style: from the streamline trains of old, to the Chrysler building, and then the side grilles looking as if they've been ripped straight from a 1930s radio.

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