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RIM Calls On Superheroes To Save Them. Twitter Campaign Backfires

So if you've had your ear to the ground for rumblings surrounding RIM, you'll have figured out that the company aren't doing so great.  A big CEO switcharound, ever-reducing confidence in their lack of innovations, and a tablet that's failed to take off.

It's in these situations where we regress into our somewhat geek-ridden imaginations and conjur a super hero, well that's exactly what the company has done.  'The Bold Team' infographic was created off a Twitter campaign they did surrounding #BeBold resolutions, analysing 35,000 tweets worth of data and collating them into four cartoon personas. 

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Blackberry gives £63 of free apps to apologise

Well, turns out you all complained loud enough for some pretty sweet compensation.

Blackberry today announced it is offering free apps worth £63 to appease customers hit by its three-day global blackout.  Showing that the Canadians sure know how to apologise, RIM claimed the selection of premium apps will be offered as 'an expression of appreciation for their patience' during the disruptions.

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