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Terrifying 'BigDog' Robot Sports Herculean Throwing Arm To Doom Us All


Meet BigDog, a horrific robotic crab-like abomination with wires and cables protruding from its metal skeleton like something straight out of your most eldritch nightmares. This rough-terran "mule" robot is terrifying enough to look at, but now, with the addition of a front-mounted arm, it can throw a cinder block at your face the way us weak, fleshy humans would fling a tennis ball.

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DARPA Creates Humanoid Robot That Jumps, Climbs And Avoids Obstacles With Ease


DARPA's most recent creation, the PET-PROTO Robot, has the capability to navigate such obstacles as climbing, jumping, and traversing a wall-to-wall hole in the floor.  The company says it's designed to perform complex tasks in "dangerous, degraded, human-engineered environments;" but the possibilities of outrunning Skynet are now lower than ever.

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