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68 Billion Blocks Later, WoW's Azeroth Comes To Minecraft

We’ve seen our fair share of ambitious Minecraft builds these past couple of years, but even so they never get any less impressive. From faithful recreations of Hyrule, an extravagant imagining of the USS Enterprise in block form, even entire cities built from the ground-up. But still, not a single one can come close to the ‘Crafting Azeroth’ project, an attempt to build a “full-scale reproduction” of World Of Warcraft’s Azeroth.

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Guy Spends Two Years Building Life-Size, Working WALL-E

It’s a testament to Pixar’s immense talent as an animation studio that it is able to bring such heart, emotion and unbridled cuteness to a mute, rusting trash compactor. For California-based robotics enthusiast Mike Senna, WALL-E deserved to exist outside of the realms of Disney animation…

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Rolls Royce Recreate Boeing Engine Out Of 152,455 Lego Bricks

There’s very little that surprises us these days about Lego, such is the extraordinary amount of quite-breathtaking builds we’ve witnessed through the years. But even so, this effort by Rolls Royce to reproduce the Trent-1000 engine is staggering, showing off in glorious detail the inner-workings of the engine and the immense feat in engineering it requires to build such a piece of machinery.

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