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A 'Steam Box' Emerges At CES 2013

We all knew a 'Steam Box' of some sort was coming – Valve boss Gabe Newell recently said as much – but exactly what that mysterious console-cum-PC would look like or how indeed it would stack up against the competition, little was known. CES 2013 has already given us one or two shock announcements, but one alluding to Valve's much-discussed Steam-based home console is certainly the best of the bunch as yet.

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NVIDIA Unveils Android-Based Handheld 'Project Shield'

Forgive our ignorance that alluded CES 2013 would be missing its share of shock announcements - this is one that we certainly didn’t see coming. Chip manufacturer NVIDIA has just unveiled its very own handheld gaming system called ‘Project Shield’ that it says is capable of delivering console-quality games on the go, and even has the functionality to stream full PC games to the device over Wi-Fi.

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