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Watch All The Trailers From San Diego Comic Con 2016

When it comes to trailers that send geeks like me into meltdown, San Diego Comic Con is the time and place to get them. So sit back and enjoy all the 2016 trailers in once place.

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New Rising Media Christmas Gift Guide: Game

Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Halo... Granted, 2012 like countless other years within this generation of gaming has bore witness to many of the usual suspects within our industry. But don't let that fool you, because there's still plenty of gaming goodness found within just waiting to be uncovered in time for Christmas. From epic naval battles in Assassin's Creed III, to the long-awaited return of a certain Master Chief, and the epic close to one of this generation's finest series. Not to mention the launch of the successor to one of the best-selling home consoles ever. Yes, 2012 was another fantastic year for games.

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Mass Murderer Breivik's Gaming Habits Has MPs Calling For Videogame Bans

Selling just over 14 million copies worldwide since its release in 2007 and having picked up countless awards within its field, the Infinity Ward-developed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now picking up the unlikeliest attention; acting as whipping boy for MPs who are bidding to gain more freedom in banning violent videogames. This comes afer Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik admits to using Modern Warfare as a way to “develop target acquisition” using “holographic” technology.

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Call Of Duty Is Coming To Vita This Autumn, Black Ops 2 Listed On Amazon

A game talked up to be a potential ‘system seller’ is one thrown around all too often for our liking. Sure, Resistance might well be an enjoyable, if slightly mediocre, Sony-exclusive first-person-shooter. But a system seller? LittleBigPlanet, though adored by us and many Sony fans alike, is unlikely to be considered in the same vein as God Of War, Gran Turismo or Uncharted when trying to summate what it is has allowed the PS3 to claw back Xbox 360’s early sales success. A ‘system seller’ by rights doesn’t come around too often, but when it does it can make all the difference in the world. Now confirmed for the autumn, Call of Duty’s debut on the Vita might well be (and we believe it definitely will be) Sony's crowning glory for its follow-up to the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

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Cheater banned from Modern Warfare 3 for 5000 days

So when Infinity Ward talked about the new banning system taking a firmer grasp on the likes of cheating and boosting, we never expected it to be this severe.

By this, we mean what is essentially made clear in the title, one player has been banned for 5000 days (what Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling calls a 'permaban') for the aforementioned cheating and boosting.  To put this in a different context, this is 13.68 years.

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Treyarch busy recruiting for next Call Of Duty. To be set in Space?

Just weeks since Modern Warfare 3 became the biggest-selling game of 2011, talk about the next in the Call Of Duty series is already heating up.  Call of Duty: World At War and Black Ops developer Treyarch is stepping up development for what will be the ninth title in the franchise. Various job listings have been spotted on the studio's official website, citing applicants should be, amongst other things, “an expert on recent first-person shooters”. 

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Tesco Comes Up Trumps With Modern Warfare 3’s Best Ad Yet

As keen purveyors of gaming advertisements, recent months have seen us indebted to some of the most inventive, engaging and seductive ads in quite some time.

Fuelled by marketing budgets in the millions, we’ve bear witness to an awe-inspiring Forza Motorsport 4 ad that has rekindled our passion for motorsport, seen a downright gritty interpretation of Tamriel in Skyrim’s live-action trailer and laughed at the superbly-played ‘Vet versus Noob’ advert for Modern Warfare 3 featuring a stoic, down-to-business Sam Worthington and a bumbling Jonah Hill.

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Modern Warfare 3 graphics comparison. Xbox 360 vs Wii

...wait what?

Turns out that other than the premiere options of purchasing Modern Warfare 3 on the 360, PS3 or PC, the game was also released on Wii, to the tune of pretty much no Activision marketing whatsoever.  It's fair to say that the games look a little...different to say the least.  Check out a video putting the 360 and Wii version side by side.

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CoD 4 and MW2 Map files found in Modern Warfare 3?

So Reddit user SMKTZ found five maps from the original Modern Warfare and it's second iteration hidden away in Modern warfare 3's game files.

This has been a historically regular occurence with the previous titles in the series, with file extension-related 'hints' to recreated homages to previous famous multiplayer maps of old.  This time around, we have 4 maps from original and one from the second: Crash, Crossfire, Strike, Overgrown and Highrise.  

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Editorial: Shut up Michael Pachter. Nobody cares and you're wrong anyway.

For those uninitiated, Michael Pachter is a high profile gaming research analyst who provides opinions and predictions as to how the video game market will metaphorically swell and fade.

I have nothing against the man himself, I think his Twitter argument with Jamie Kennedy was hilarious. There is, however, one issue.  Built upon the foundations of a business M.B.A and years of credibility gaining with Forbes, what you find is someone who has managed to make a worthwhile living through either stating the obvious or being wrong.

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