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Street Fighter X Monopoly. Street Fighter Edition Of Monopoly Unveiled

Marvel vs. Capcom, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Street Fighter X Tekken… We all enjoy a good license crossover from time to time, granting us the gift of experiencing the delights of two IP’s for the price of one. For publishers it makes perfect sense: facing off against a typically competing property allows both to enjoy the success that two fan bases will often bring, while also opening up the IP to an audience that otherwise wouldn’t have looked twice. What we didn’t see coming, like a swift Ryu hurricane kick to the jaw, is the most unlikely of partnerships between the typically fast and frenetic fighting franchise, Street Fighter, and the, well, not so frenetic classic property-trading board game, Monopoly.

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Capcom Typo Makes Its Way Onto Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS Cover

You spend millions upon millions of dollars developing a game, pump even more cash into marketing the game across the globe and pour wealth into publishing the title to reach store shelves. As far as monumental cock-ups in the history of game publication goes, accidentally spelling your own game title wrong on the spine of a retail cover is pretty high up there.

But that’s exactly what Capcom has managed to achieve with one of its biggest 3DS titles of the year, Resident Evil: Revelations.

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Resident Evil 6 promoted via viral blog

So a rather basic looking blog titled has been growing in audience, displaying a series of inauspicious photographs, 'Blair witch' style videos, and a conspiracy theory about linked cities.  But from all the Biohazard logos dotted across different pieces of media on the blog, we can't help but detect the viral marketing capability here, possibly for the next Resident Evil.

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