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5 Ways Samsung Apologised For The Galaxy Note 7 Across The World

People across the globe are returning their Galaxy Note 7 mobiles to Samsung in exchange for apology rewards, to try to put out the fire on their reputation. But which country is getting the best deal? We took a look worldwide and ranked the company’s responses from best to worst.

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Goophone i5: The iPhone 5 Is Already Being Cloned In China

It's fair to say that we've seen a fair few mobile devices from China that far surpass the idea of shameless copying beyond anything that Samsung has ever infringed upon.  This definitely takes it to an all new level, as before any official announcement of marketing of the upcoming iPhone 5 has occured, an Android clone has been made in the Far East.

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China unveils plans for its space program

The country has published a white paper to celebrate its space achievements in 2011, including becoming the third nation to dock in space, and give a general idea as to where they want to be in five years.

From the paper, it's clear that China sees space exploration as a key part to its continuing development, revealing some rather ambitious plans for the next half decade.

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