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Comic Sans Project fights for typographical justice

So, haters of Comic Sans.  Those who express anger at the 90s Microsoft typography.  Those who are deeply aggrivated by the presence of an aesthetically failed version of comic book text.  You have tried to extinguish the metaphorical flame os the sans serif font of the comical variety with your site of protest; but a movement is upon us that could change all of that.

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Infographic: A History of Western Typefaces
We've always seen ourselves to be fans of Comic Sans, which always brings us great pain whenever we hear such hatred of it; but we see it clearly in the historybooks of modern typography, and are then disgusted to see the Ban Comic Sans website.  It's an insult to what is an under-appreciated font.  Guess you can take a look at all these other fonts in one of our favourite infographics of the moment, courtesy of Mashable. 
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