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Microsoft builds a new 3D holographic system you can touch

Microsoft Research has unveiled the work they have been doing into a 3D hologram system that allows you to interact with the projections floating in midair, with surprising precision.

The system, code-named Project Vermeer, is able to project a 3D image at 15 frames per second, emulating 192 different viewpoints at a time, and presents a counter-point to what technological implementations there are currently.

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The Computer System that recognises human emotion via your voice

Two groups of scientists in Spain have created a prototype computer system that is able to recognize the emotional state of a person from the intonations in his/her voice.

A significant step forward from the run-of-the-mill automated telephone services (you know, the ones that ask "you said *insert word here* is that correct?" after every phrase), this is set to be slightly less annoying, thanks to the Universidad Calos III de Madrid and Universidad de Granada in Spain's research.

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