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Solar Roadways – A Cautionary Tale About Crowd-Funding Cons

There’s no denying that in general, Kickstarter, Indiegogo and platforms like them have made a big impact on the way that entrepreneurs realise their ideas, and enabled some fantastic products to be mass-produced. 

Unfortunately, (and sometimes hilariously) the open nature of crowd-funding means that anyone can create a campaign for any idea whatsoever. One of the worst, in my view, was Solar Roadways, which became especially concerning because its Indiegogo campaign was actually successful – in fact, it is Indiegogo’s most backed campaign ever, raising 2.2 million dollars.

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The 'Mastered For iTunes' Deception
People speak of not noticing the difference in audio between music downloads and physical copies, whereas chances are they have.  In a crystallising moment, there will always be that tiny split-second noise of digitisation, or the compromised sound-levellings of an alternate bit rate, courtesy of an encoder.  It's that unavoidable glitch in the song that you can't un-hear when it is heard, and builds a somewhat undefinable character around the song.
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