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QR Code Condoms Let You Check-in To Show Where You're Getting It On

To those who are experiencing the perilous winters of sexlessness, things are about to get worse.  And to those who feel the urge to socially exclaim their moments of procreation, your prayers have been answered.  A batch of 50,000 condoms have been emblazoned with QR codes on the wrappers, to allow people to check-in anonymously, as a geotagged badge of their sexual activity.

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Condom ad disguised as Facebook friend request from your future child

So one random friend request later, I can warn you about an Olla Condom promo campaign that sends users friend requests from their yet-to-be-born sons.  Not only is it just downright creepy; but it's also a violation of Facebook policy.

Take a look at the promo video below, which does a much better job explaining the "Unexpected Babies" campaign launched by Brazillian Agency Age Isobar.

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