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Precognitive Robot Knows Your Wants And Needs Before You Do

Researchers at Cornell University have developed a robot that is capable of accurately predicting when you need help, and providing assistance with tasks.  Using a Kinect sensor, the robot uses a database of 120 videos to analyse and understand your movements.  With this knowledge, it can then help you perform key tasks such as taking your medicine, making a meal, or stacking objects.

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Researchers Build Robots Capable Of Evolution

A team of researchers have designed a program that allows robots to actually evolve, building themselves out of cubes of virtual muscles and bones.  This simulated chain of evolution makes for a remarkable discovery in robotics that, much like Skynet, has very well doomed us all.

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Astronomers conclude Earth has a second moon

A study conducted by Cornell University astronomers has concluded that Earth must have a second moon, calculated via counting the population of "irregular natural satellites that are temporarily captured by Earth."  This has also been backed up by a sighting of one of these 'orbiters' by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona.

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