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Otherkin: An Unseen World Of The Non-Human

It's difficult to know how to begin this feature, so I shall come right to the point: Otherkin are a mostly internet-based subculture of people who identify strongly with animals and other non-human beings, including dragons, demons, and fairies. Though a small community, they are still a significant number of people who believe something that the rest of us may find difficult to understand.

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All Four Seasons at one time. A World First for Lincoln

The hugely successful Four Seasons project by Metro-Boulot-Dodo will be presented in Lincoln from tomorrow for the first Frequency digital culture Festival.  

From tomorrow through to 21st October, Spring and Summer will be on display at The Collection, while AUTUMN and WINTER will be at Lincoln Drill Hall.  A first for the whole world, this hugely ambitious four-part multi-media installation that looks to the seasons to reflect different stages of life will kick off the festival in true technological style.  What's more, this fantastic opportunity is free.

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