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Britain Is Easy To Hack. Government Warns We're Losing The War On E-Crime

The UK is one of the world's top targets for e-crime, and more must be done to not lose the fight against online criminal activity, MPs have warned.  With our severe lack of security and defence in this area, The Home Affairs Select Committee have identified a ‘black hole’ where e-crime is committed without arrest.

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Murderer Uses 'Confession Bear' Meme To Admit Crime

A Reddit user uploaded an image on Quickmeme, saying “My sister had an abusive meth addict boyfriend/I killed him with his own drugs while he was unconscious and they ruled it as an overdose."  Of course, as it is the internet (especially Reddit), these things have to be taken with a pinch of salt; but as the story unfolds it would be fair to assume that somebody has committed a murder and confessed to it via a meme.


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Government releases 'The UK Cyber Security Strategy.'

The UK government released its 2011 Cyber Security plans to protect and promote the UK in a digital world.

The new strategy reports to increase its focus on cybercrime, and place a spotlight on maintaining the economic and social prosperity found in the cyberspace.  It's clear to see that Whitehall is definitely moving in a positive direction in terms of getting to grasps with these ever-growing complexities of our global produce.  From the sights of it, it's not going to be easy; but it's a long-term set of tasks and incentives that will benefit both private and public sectors.

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