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British Hacker Creates Firewall To Block Everything On The Internet But Porn

Following David Cameron's announcement of an porn filter for the UK, it has been met with a significant backlash.  UK-based Sicksad has heard these calls from Government by building 'The Great Firewall of Porn,' which does exactly the opposite and blocks all non-pornographic content on the internet.

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In a time when David Cameron tries to push his vision of the "Big society" to no avail, it's good to see social good come to the rescue as is introduced.

Simply put, it's the local nature of Foursquare with the interconnectivity of Facebook, and the active transactional engagement of craigslist.  The team behind the site say their mission is to let users "create an online profile and connect with people, groups and businesses in their area, to share practical information, advice, opinions, skills and resources".  

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