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‘Pinch’ Interface Connects Touch Devices Into One Giant Display

It might not have the sophistication of the XDesk tabletop interface, but in development by a research group at the Tokyo University of Technology, a new interface named ‘Pinch’ allows users to connect various touch-enabled devices together into one larger, mismatched but quite remarkable screen.

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Scientists Invent Electronic Circuits That Dissolve In The Body

Scientists based at the University of Illinois have developed ultra-thin electronic devices that, after an initial latency period, simply melt away into the body. Described in the journal Science, the technology has already been used to heat a wound in order for it to remain infection-free from bacteria.

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Sony launches 'Dot Switch' promo

Doing a classic Apple: bringing technologies together, yet keeping vague on details.  Sony have just released a short promotional trailer about what they're called the "Dot Switch."

In the demo, the user uses his Sony Xperia phone to activate various Sony technologies as he/she walks by them, including a gramophone (we're just as confused as you on that one), a Bravia TV set, a set of confetti cannons (again, confused), and finally a device that's revealed by a robot arm removing the tray cover.

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