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Microsoft Mistakenly Ask Google To Block BBC And The US Government Over Copyright Infringement

Microsoft France have mistakenly filed a takedown notice to Google, under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) accusing seemingly innocent sites such as the BBC, The Washington Post and the US government of infringing copyright.  Beyond this, the automated system Microsoft seem to have running has also requested the block of any webpage containing the number 45.


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Porn Publisher Sues Tumblr Over Photo Use

If you're a user of the social micro-blogging service, you'll be more than well aware of the presence of near-incessantly uploaded and reblogged pornographic imagery.  That is until now, however, as Perfect 10, a pornography publisher has launched a lawsuit against the platform for ingringing on its copyrighted material.


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Jailbreaking exemption law expiring soon

Copyright protection for people who jailbreak their iPhones, as to install unauthorized apps and modify the inner workings of the OS, is set to expire soon.  In the face of this, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has started asking for signatures on a new petition to renew this jailbreaking exemption law.

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