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Twitter For Sale – Who’s Looking To Buy And Why?

Twitter has not had it easy over the past couple of years. From the flat growth of new users to a torrential storm of abusive tweets, the social network has been dragged through the mud a fair few times.

But now, things are starting to look optimistic, as it’s been widely reported that Twitter is going up for sale with some interesting companies looking to buy…

Who are these companies? Why would they want to purchase a social network in an almost purgatorial state? Let’s take a look.

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Sony and Disney Start Streaming Films Still In Cinemas

No industry resists change like the film industry, millions have been spent over the decades to keep the silver screen away well away from our familiar four walls. Sony and Disney have boldly moved into the unknown, piloting a trial that allows the residents of South Korea to watch on demand some films that are still being shown in the theatres.

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'Star Wars Rebels' New Animated Series For 2014

Production has now begun on Star Wars Rebels, an animated TV series due to premiere on Disney Channel next year. The programme will be set between the events of Episode III and IV of the Star Wars series, a gap of almost twenty years with plenty of scope for excitement and adventure - though of course, the details are all very hush-hush.

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Guy Spends Two Years Building Life-Size, Working WALL-E

It’s a testament to Pixar’s immense talent as an animation studio that it is able to bring such heart, emotion and unbridled cuteness to a mute, rusting trash compactor. For California-based robotics enthusiast Mike Senna, WALL-E deserved to exist outside of the realms of Disney animation…

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Dolby Promises “Powerful New Listening Experience” With 'Atmos', To Debut With Pixar's Brave

You can have your high-definition projector, 5.1 surround sound Blu Ray player set-ups and a smorgasbord of discs to enjoy in your own home, but for the greatest movie-going experience, nothing quite matches the local multiplex. Now, Dolby is all set to roll-out its brand-new sound system ‘Atmos’ in cinemas, beginning with Disney Pixar’s Brave, that provides cinema-goers with a sound unequalled by the standard surround sound set-up; not least through its use of speakers in the ceiling.

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Dark Knight Rises trailer parody. Audio sync with Lion King scenes

So after a fantastic trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, breaking iTunes Movie Trailer records by exceeding 12.5 million views in just 24 hours, Youtube user MovieMaestroTen has made the pitch perfect parody, syncing the audio from the Batman trailer with scenes from Disney's The Lion King.

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Disney Android Phone releases in Japan

Disney Mobile has released their first Android-powered smartphone in Japan through Softbank Mobile stores earlier this month.

Walt's top of the line, the DM010SH handset packs features that would, surprisingly, put many phones in the UK market to shame.  Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), 4-inch 960 x 540 qHD display with 3D support, a 1GHz processor, and the usual suspects: 3G data, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and microSD card slot, and an 8 megapixel camera.

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