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Researchers Build "Body On a Chip." 3D Printed Organs To Test Medicine
A lot of time, money and energy is put into new drugs, most of this is used taking it through the stages of testing, from cells to animals, and finally to human trials. This is the price of safety and one we should be very grateful for, but soon there could be a better way. The “Body on a Chip” project proposes a new method which is hoped to replace the current elaborate chain of testing, and even increase the effectiveness and safety of new drugs.
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Teens Drug Parents' Milkshakes To Dodge Internet Curfew

How far would you go to use the internet?  Two teenage girls in Rocklin, California have been arrested for spiking their parents' milkshakes with ground-up sleeping pills to get around a 10PM internet curfew.  While we're aware of the somewhat addictive traits of web usage, this is just insane.


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