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FADES' Self-Titled EP Brings Alt Rock Sound For Fans Of Royal Blood And Queens Of The Stone Age

Alternative rock is a difficult genre to get into, and London quintet FADES hope to make a statement with their punchy new self-titled EP, set for release on March 11th. We were lucky to get an early listen, to answer a simple question: does this stand a chance of at least appearing on the radar?

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Vince Grant - My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me EP Review

In a deep exploration of his own depression, Vince Grant has created his debut EP, fittingly called My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me. However, he hasn't just recorded his own coping mechanism, this is a really enjoyable listen for anybody who enjoys the likes of REM and Manic Street Preachers.

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Helghyer’s The Mage, The Wiseman And The Lioness: Part 1 - May I Have An Extra Side Of Heathcliff Please?

In judging this EP by its cover, I expected to hear other worldliness, Celtic ballads, or at the very least some panpipes. The promotional photographs for Natalie Earl’s (a.k.a. Helghyer) self released EP feature all the hallmarks of Gaelic promise: moorland, mist, scrubby plants…hell, she’s even wearing a cloak and holding a staff.

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