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The Autumn Statement Shows The Future Of British Tech Is A Bright, But Terrifying Surveillance State

As per the Autumn Statement, UK Government is set to invest billions into 5G, connecting more homes to fibre broadband and developing the infrastructure needed for driverless cars. But is all of this a smokescreen for the unprecedented surveillance powers they are about to get?

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Scientists Demo System That Charges Electric Cars Through Tyre-To-Road Contact

Electric cars are the future, so we're told. But even so, few still can put up a strong argument for favouring the green alternative to the gas-guzzling motors we have taken for granted for decades. For one; mileage ranges, while ever-improving, are still far from substantial for the average road user. Now, the era of the electric car is one step closer, with scientists ably demoing how electricity can be passed through concrete to charge cars on the move, paving the way for an electric motor future.

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DeLorean DMC-12 EV announced for production in 2013.

An electric powered DeLorean production model?  Damn straight.

Thanks to the anagramatical homage that is the DeLorean Motor Company of Texas (not to be confused with long defunct DMC), which is known for bringing restored versions of these beautiful machines into the modern age with modified original parts, you can expect to see an DMC-12 EV for a production release of 2013.

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