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The World’s Most Powerful Lasers Set To Tear Apart The Vacuum Of Space-Time Itself

Hoping to conjure enough energy that it ought to be able to pull “virtual” particles out of the vacuum of space-time – quantum mechanics implies that space-time can never truly be ‘empty’ – the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project is an undeniably tantalising (yet mind-numbingly complex) prospect.

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'Science: It's A Girl Thing!' The Backlash Against The European Commission

The European Commission has made a great error. A frankly moronic error that makes them appear to be misogynistic idiots trying to sell a new perfume for teenagers called “Science”. But no, the following video isn’t advertising a new perfume (“with subtle hints of sulphur and a lingering scent of formaldehyde in a beautiful bottle designed to pay homage to the double helix”) it’s in fact trying to interest young women in science.

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Facebook likely to receive privacy sanctions from EU over targeted advertising

The behavioural targeting of Facebook's advertising has come under fire from The European Commission, as they plan to implement a Directive next tear to prevent the social network from targeting ads based on user information unless he/she explicitly allows it.

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