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Neanderthals died out because they didn't wear parkas

Neanderthals were our evolutionary cousins, so to speak. In prehistoric times, we lived together side by side, before the Neanderthals disappeared and only Homo sapiens (that’s us) remained. But why? Researchers at the Simon Fraser University in Canada may have found the answer. Neanderthals may have died out due to a failure to wear parkas.

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Researchers Build Robots Capable Of Evolution

A team of researchers have designed a program that allows robots to actually evolve, building themselves out of cubes of virtual muscles and bones.  This simulated chain of evolution makes for a remarkable discovery in robotics that, much like Skynet, has very well doomed us all.

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How Is This Documentary On The Fighting Game Community Not Funded Yet?

The setup is simple, director Peter Livingston has taken to Kickstarter for money to film his, thus yet unnamed, documentary: following the history and culture that surrounds the Evolution (EVO) fighting game tournaments.  Thousands of people from around the world come to Vegas, and find out who the "best in the world" is.

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