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'Responsive Typography.' Web Design Experiment Uses Face Detection To Adjust Font Size

Responsive web design is one thing; but a font that changes size according to your distance away from the screen?  An experiment by web designer Marko Dugonjić takes the concept of responsive typography to a new level, using face detection to adjust font size by your proximity to the display.

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New Apple Patent to bring Face unlock to iOS

A recently discovered patent submitted by Apple details a method of unlocking an iDevice via face-recognition a'la Galaxy Nexus...kind of risky based on the privacy concerns surrounding using a photo to unlock the phone.

As described in the above image discovered by, the device would sense a user approaching and wake from sleep to activate its image processor.  At this point, facial recognition software can be executed to match the user's face and unlock the device.  Business users can set even higher levels of security.

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