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Facedeals Checks You In Automatically With Facial-Recognition Cameras

A new Facebook application, which uses cameras installed at participating businesses across the globe and special facial-recognition software that ties into your online profile, will soon allow you to 'check-in' on the social network without so much as picking up a smartphone.

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'Stalking' App 'Girls Around Me' Pulled From The App Store

Despite a supposedly rigorous, rigid and reliable approval process employed to maintain the quality, security and legality of applications within its App Store, a mobile app that we have no reservations in calling a stalker's best friend has only just been pulled from Apple's store – and not even at the request of Apple itself.

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QR Code Condoms Let You Check-in To Show Where You're Getting It On

To those who are experiencing the perilous winters of sexlessness, things are about to get worse.  And to those who feel the urge to socially exclaim their moments of procreation, your prayers have been answered.  A batch of 50,000 condoms have been emblazoned with QR codes on the wrappers, to allow people to check-in anonymously, as a geotagged badge of their sexual activity.

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