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Life in a Day movie available on Youtube

Remember a while ago when Google put out the request for people to record moments in their life?  Well, neither could we; but the results are available on Youtube for free.

To somewhat diverge from the image of Youtube being merely a place for video game griefing videos and a general cute animal storage system, Google has taken it's quest a step forward by cutting through the over 4,500 hours of video uploaded for the documentary and created a 95 minute feature piece, that made the transition from cinematic spectacle to a free piece of consumer content in a scarily short amount of time.  Watch it below with 25 languages worth of subtitles (if you're reading from overseas).  That's just how nice we are!

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Blackberry gives £63 of free apps to apologise

Well, turns out you all complained loud enough for some pretty sweet compensation.

Blackberry today announced it is offering free apps worth £63 to appease customers hit by its three-day global blackout.  Showing that the Canadians sure know how to apologise, RIM claimed the selection of premium apps will be offered as 'an expression of appreciation for their patience' during the disruptions.

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