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Design Project Visualises How Well You Know Your Facebook Friends

Out of all the Facebook friends you have, their probably is a good chance that you may not physically know a good percentage of them.  So the question would be just how many of them are what you'd call 'real' friends?  This is what designer Colin Pinegar answered in his project, simply titled 'Best Friends.'

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Infographic of the day: The Science of Peer Pressure
We've all been in that position as socially awkward individuals: wanting to win in the social setting by caving into what the majority think instead of sticking out like a metaphorical sore thumb.  But what biological process occur to get to this decision of keeping to the codes and conventions.  It turns into an infograph-ad for One block off the grid's solar energy plans; but it also pushes across the science of peer pressure in social norm marketing: breaking the pseudo-norms, being the individual or the aforementioned metaphorical sore thumb is what we like.  Our infographic of the day.
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