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Three Playable Characters Confirmed For GTA V, Plus More Details

GTA V might just be the most anticipated videogame ever, and that's quite a feat. But while news on Rockstar's latest has been drip-fed up to this point, tiding us over before another snippet of information becomes available, Game Informer has today answered some of the more pressing questions surrounding the game.

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GTA: Vice City Heading To iOS And Android

For many, it was the definitive Grand Theft Auto, a sprawling open-world action-adventure title that broke new ground and along with it, rival open-world game developers' hearts. A staple fixture within PS2's for quite some time, GTA: Vice City is now all set for smartphones, with iOS and Android versions on their way.

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Has GTA V's Release Date Been Outed by NME?

First, there was the official announcement trailer and a 'For Sale' sign alluding to a possible 24 May 2012 release date. Now, music magazine NME has stoked the fire for a possible May 2012 release launch with its own '20 Reasons To Be Excited For 2012' feature on its website.

Rockstar Games and GTA V take up the eighth spot, in which NME highlights how it expects “half the country to retreat indoors and draw the curtains in May when Grand Theft Auto 5 hits the shops”.

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Grand Theft Minecart: GTA V Trailer Comes To Minecraft

Minecraft has and always will be more about creativity than surviving crazed Creepers, deranged Skeletons and deadly cave-dwelling Spiders. With a user-base well in excess of four million, we’ve seen players invest countless hours in re-creating classic 8-bit games using stop-motion, building gargantuan models – the USS Enterprise is a particular favourite – and devising chip-tune remakes of popular music.

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The Round-up: GTA V, Zombies and Government technology

A nice a varied week of goings on about nrm.  So hows about we start from the top.  The new GTA V trailer showed this week, and we trawled through every second to bring you a full analysis of every little detail about thegame that the ad reveals.

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Watch the Grand Theft Auto V trailer right here

After the massive announcement by Rockstar on Tuesday, it's fair to say that rumours have been rife as to what will occur in the trailer next week.  This has caused so much of a stir that the stars of Rock have even decided to create a countdown; but this is no ordinary countdown, as you can see below.

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