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'Soladapt Touchscreen Overlay' Hands-On. Turn Any Screen Into A Multi-Touch Display

Soladapt's Touchscreen Overlay presents the unique and cost effective opportunity to experience the full functionality of touch-based UIs like Windows 8.  Simply put, it's a pane of toughened glass you put over the front of your display and plug in via USB, giving you Touchscreen capabilities.

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New Rising Media Will Be At Gadget Show Live 2013

The Gadget Show Live has been an amazing event for New Rising Media to cover, and I'm proud to announce we will be heading back again to cover this year's event!  

You may remember that we did both last year's events in April and at Christmas.  While these both went rather well (I actually looked young then!), we would have been foolish to rest on our laurels between then and now.  So it's fair to say we have A LOT planned.

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Damson Twist Bluetooth Speaker Hands On At Gadget Show Live Christmas
We've seen many speakers that utilise the concept of resonating through a surface to emit sound over this last year.  So much so, that we fear it may become nothing more than a party trick: the one 'sexy' moment of a gadget, which seen and used once when received as a gift.  The one fear, after seeing this influx, is this technology going the way of the 'iPod' into 'Christmas stocking-filler' territory.  As it's quite an innovative space.
With the Damson Twist, I'm not worrying anymore.
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New Rising Media Will Be At Gadget Show Live @ Christmas

Just seven months ago in our vast age of infancy, we were given a fantastic opportunity to attend and cover Gadget Show Live.  I am now pleased to announce that we will be popping along to London's own ExCel, entering the cornucopia of nerd behaviour, and covering Gadget Show Live @ Christmas.

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WOWee One Product Range Hands-On

Where pushing the boundaries in sound quality often comes at the cost of increasing size and reduced portability, and where reigning in the bulk of the product design allows the quality of the sound to suffer, portable speakers in their very nature are, quite frankly, more often than not atrocious excuses for speaker systems. With little to no low bass range to sort our Mcfly-friendly tunes from our dubstep, dance and drum and bass while on the go, the inherent design issues associated with portable speakers has seemingly not escaped the team at WOWee One.

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BubbleScope And BubblePix Hands On

Panoramic photography has always had its difficulties.  There's always the strong likelihood that you may go too fast or too slow in one of the shot frames, leaving for an unwanted deformation of the picture.  Then there's the sight of a person spinning in one spot, looking like a fool and visually demonstrating just what you look like doing the same.  

Well that's not a problem now, thanks to the Bubblescope.

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