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Space Invaders with real lasers is as delightfully dangerous as you'd imagine

What happens when you turn Space Invaders into a live action game, complete with an actual fire hazard? We've already seen one recent clip bringing video games into real-life, which seemed fine up until Adam Sandler showed up. But Maker Martin Raynsford has restored the dream using paper invaders, Arduino and a laser cutter.

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Google's funny autocomplete suggestions have been turned into a game of Family Fortune

If there's one thing we can settle on, it's that Google's autocomplete suggestions are hilariously odd. But can you think like the search engine and, in turn, the rest of the human race? Time to test your knowledge with 'Google Feud,' essentially Family Fortunes (called Family Feud in America) but with Google.

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Play As Kim Jong Un And Take Down Sony For Making 'The Interview' In 'Glorious Leader!'

Chances are you've already heard the news surrounding North Korean hackers taking down Sony and forcing them to axe the release of The Interview. What would happen if Kim Jong Un took matters into his own hands and turned Rambo on the world? With that in mind, allow me to introduce Glorious Leader!

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