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Every Company Does Not Need A Social Media Presence. Please Stop

As a social media manager, I’ve always been optimistic about every business having a social presence. But as the side of my new stapler box encouraged me to follow the company on Twitter, it became clear that corporate reliance on these networks has gone too far.

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Smartphones Are Boring - Google’s Pixel Proves That Everybody Wants To Make Another iPhone

Google released a new smartphone - the Pixel. It’s a premium device, meant to represent everything great about the ‘Google experience’. Technically, it is very impressive. However, many have noticed that it looks very similar to the iPhone – which is not surprising as it is essentially just a different take on the exact same thing.

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Twitter For Sale – Who’s Looking To Buy And Why?

Twitter has not had it easy over the past couple of years. From the flat growth of new users to a torrential storm of abusive tweets, the social network has been dragged through the mud a fair few times.

But now, things are starting to look optimistic, as it’s been widely reported that Twitter is going up for sale with some interesting companies looking to buy…

Who are these companies? Why would they want to purchase a social network in an almost purgatorial state? Let’s take a look.

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Google and Oxford University Are Developing a "Kill-Switch" for Unruly AI

If you’re a person, the chances are that every time you hear a story about AI you think “but what about Terminator”. Turns out, the scientists are right there with you. DeepMind, the AI division of Google has teamed up with Oxford University to develop a “kill switch” for AI, should it become unruly in the future.

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Google's funny autocomplete suggestions have been turned into a game of Family Fortune

If there's one thing we can settle on, it's that Google's autocomplete suggestions are hilariously odd. But can you think like the search engine and, in turn, the rest of the human race? Time to test your knowledge with 'Google Feud,' essentially Family Fortunes (called Family Feud in America) but with Google.

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Google Announces Android KitKat

Google has confirmed that the next version of Android will be called KitKat.  No, I'm not joking, KitKat, as in that chocolate bar available in either fingers or the chunky variety, will be the codename for Android 4.4.  This keeps Android's tradition of naming each version after desserts; but this is the first with a deeply integrated (and rather delicious) joint marketing venture.

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New Rising Media Now Available On Google Currents

New Rising Media is now available on your smartphone through Google Currents.  

The one feature request asked for most by our readers is mobile optimisation.  With great stories, why not make them available on-the-go? Well, that may be coming sooner than you think; but we are now on one of the slickest news reading apps on iOS and Android.

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