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New 'Secretbook' Lets You Leave Hidden Messages In Your Facebook Photos

A British student has released a Google Chrome extension that enables you to hide secret messages in your Facebook pictures.  Owen Campbell-Moore, studying computer science at Oxford University, used a technique called JPEG Steganography to make tiny changes in photos that form a secret code. Called 'Secretbook', you can now download it and communicate with your friends without anybody else knowing you are doing it.

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Play Xbox 360 and PS3 games on Google Chrome

Google has successfully realised its ambitions to develop a complex browser technology that allows 'heavy duty' apps – such as Xbox 360 and PS3 games – to be run in-browser on Google Chrome.

All possible through Google's Native Client, which Google professes makes porting to Chrome relatively simple, Supergiant Games earlier today released its charming indie hit, Bastion, onto the Chrome Web Store.

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